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Lube Formula - Colorado Shooters

  • 1/3 Candle Wax (140 Degree F Melting Point)
  • 1/3 Cosmoline
  • 1/3 Bowl Wax
  • 4 oz. Olive Oil added per pound of lube

Ratio’s are approximate and are non-critical. A little more or a little less of any component seems to make no difference in performance. Candle wax is available at any hobby store, which sells candle-making supplies. Cosmoline is available in small quantities from suppliers such as Midway, USA, Inc. 1-800-243-3220 or . Bowl wax is available in any Home Depot or similar store.

Buck Emmert's Lube Formula

  • 1750 grains Beeswax
  • 1368 grains Crisco Shortening (White)
  • 328 grains Crisco or Wesson Vegatable Oil

This recipe makes 1/2 pound lubricant. If you tray lube as I do, you'll probably want to double the recipe.

Barry Darr's Lube Formula

  • 1 lb. Paraffin
  • 1 lb. Vaseline
  • 2 Tbsp. STP

Somebody told me this is Barry Darr's Lube Formula. It's been around for years - a great lube for pan lubing bullets.

Greenhill Formula

  • BL = 150 ÷ (T ÷ D²)
  • T = [150 ÷ (BL ÷ D)] x D

T = Rate of Twist          BL = Bullet Length          D = Diameter (Bullet) in Thousandths

Gyroscopic force from spin tends to keep the bullet pointed in the same direction. Atmospheric resistance produces forces which tend to tip the bullet sideways. As long as the spin produces more stabilizing force than the atmospheric resistance produces upsetting force, the bullet will fly straight, i.e.,stabilize.

For practical purposes, as long as we spin a bullet fast enough to be stable, a little exra spin doesn't seem to hurt. However, if you want the gun to shoot well at long ranges, you don't want the bullet 'over-stabilized' very much. As the trajectory arches over and starts down you want the bullet axis to follow the trajectory line. A bullet that does this is said to 'trail'. If the bullet is spinning too fast, it will continue to keep its spin axis pointed along the bore line and end up flying through the air partly sideways. That's not good.

The Greenhill Formula is an excellent formula and was developed from trial-and-error shooting tests. The factor of 150 in the formula isn't dependant upon bullet shape or specific initial velocity - this was established by experience in the shooting tests.

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"A nose-pour mould will produce a more uniform bullet.  The base of a bullet is the steering end.  With a nose-pour mould you always get a good, flat base, square with the sides."

Harry Pope